Can I Advertise on the Local Map Pack (Local 3-Pack)?

The Local 3-Pack listings on Google Maps can have a significant impact on your law firm’s organic search visibility. But did you know that you can optimize your Google Ads to appear in the coveted Local 3-Pack as well?

At Lexcelerate, we understand the importance of local visibility for law firms, and we can help you achieve greater prominence in the Local Map Pack. While Google continuously tests ad placements, our team of experts can help you to optimize your ads for map placements, increasing your chances of appearing in the Local 3-Pack.

To get started, make sure you have Location Extensions activated for your campaign, clearly indicating your physical location. Additionally, verify and maintain an accurate Google Business Profile (GBP) to establish credibility with potential clients. We also recommend geo-optimized bidding, allowing you to target specific locations effectively. In competitive areas or densely populated regions, investing a bit more in bids for nearby locations can be worthwhile.

By implementing these strategies and working with our experienced team, your law firm’s ads will become eligible for map placements, including the coveted Local 3-Pack. While placement in the Local Map Pack is not guaranteed, our expertise maximizes your potential to reach local clients and elevate your law firm’s visibility.

Join Lexcelerate and take advantage of our targeted optimization techniques to enhance your law firm’s local online presence. By combining organic and paid strategies, we ensure your law firm stands out in the competitive local landscape, driving more traffic and potential clients to your firm.

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