What Are Local Service Ads?

You’ve likely seen Local Service Ads (LSAs) even if you did not recognize them at the time. These ads are frequently at the very top of search pages for users seeking a specific type of professional – including attorneys! If you’ve wondered how other attorneys are “Google Screened” with a green checkmark, these are LSAs.

LSA’s have become an essential advertising tool for law firms of all sizes, helping them gain prominence in Google search results. Compared to traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, LSAs work differently, offering distinct benefits to enhance your law firm’s online visibility.

Setting up your LSAs can be very fast, but you’ll want to ensure you pay attention to the details. Start by registering as a service provider with Google and setting your budget. Choose the specific locations and practice areas where you want your ads to appear. Link your Google Business Profile (GBP) and ensure you have at least one review to be eligible for LSAs.

To verify your law firm’s authenticity, you will input your Bar License number, which Google will validate within ~48 hours. Once verified, your ads will start delivering, bringing potential clients to your firm’s doorstep. If you have multiple practitioners associated with the same practice area, they can also be featured with unique headshot images and Bar number verification.

Unlike PPC ads, where you pay per click, LSAs operate on a pay-per-lead basis. Google tracks and records phone calls, charging you for connected leads. While you can dispute leads that fall outside your service area or practice area, Google’s review process is now more restrictive, making approvals less likely based on case quality.

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) for your law firm may vary significantly, depending on your practice area, location, and competitive landscape. While there are fewer variables for optimization in LSAs, Google does provide limited guidance on CPL once your account is set up.

For expert assistance in creating and managing your law firm’s Local Service Ads accounts, our team at Lexcelerate is here to help. Join us today and unlock the potential of LSAs to expand your law firm’s reach and attract new clients effectively.

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