On-Site Optimization

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Learn how to maximize your site’s visibility via proper structure, schema, and content optimization.



There are many tactics that can be utilized on your website to have an impact on where you appear in Google’s search results. Being strategic about where you spend your efforts can save time and make all the difference in the types of results you yield. Legal Marketing Academy trainers will help you understand on-site optimization by teaching you the proper structure, schema, and content optimization for your law firm’s website. On-Site optimization is key to the success of Lexcelerate clients, and we are happy to pass on the knowledge to you.

Videos Included:

1. On-Site Optimization (Part 1)

2. On-Site Optimization (Part 2)

3. On-Site Optimization Workshop

4. Publishing for Law Firms (Part 1)

5. Publishing for Law Firm Workshop

6. Site Structure Best Practices

7. Site Structure Workshop

Bonus: Organic Lead Gen Strategies



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