Jamie Kohls

Areas Of Expertise

Email Marketing
Social Media
Intake & Efficiency

Community Manager and Coach

Jamie is a Chase College of Law graduate and NKU Haile College of Business alumni. As a consequence of her experiences in law firms, Jamie is able to directly apply her experience for our many law firm clients. Her rounded knowledge of the industry is an asset to our team.

As the Community Manager at Lexcelerate, Jamie is able to use her experience in legal to connect with attorneys on a deeper level. Jamie’s education and experiences have allowed her to develop skills in problem-solving and critical thinking, which greatly help deliver valuable solutions.

Jamie is passionate about teaching law firm owners that it takes more than being a good attorney to run a successful firm. Jamie enjoys speaking with attorneys to help them to realize the potential of their firm’s reach.

Jamie is a born and raised Northern Kentuckian but is excited to work with a variety of attorneys across the United States and beyond. Outside the office, she enjoys taking walks with her dog Dino, reading a wide variety of books, and traveling all over the world.