Legal Marketing Academy: Guest Speakers

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Learn from the leaders of the legal technology community on how to make your firm even better.



The trainers of The Legal Marketing Academy by Lexcelerate have had the pleasure of working with some incredible leaders of the legal tech community over their 10+ years of service. Lexcelerate brings you great minds such as Mike Whelan, Raquel Pankau, Melanie Leonard, and more to offer insights into all facets of running a law firm. Many of these guests have been long time friends and colleagues of our firm. As some of the highest-attended sessions in The Legal Marketing Academy, these lessons on-demand are sure to incite enthusiasm to continue growing your law firm.

Videos Included:

  1. “Your Law Firm is a Business” with Melanie Leonard
  2. Live with Joe Ruotolo from Intaker
  3. Mike Whelan, Author of Lawyer Forward
  4. In Conversation with Attorney Stanley Tate
  5. Raquel Pankau of Abby Connect
  6. Bonus: Branding 201 with Mark Homer (CEO of GNGF)


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