Paid Ads: Advertising for Law Firms


Learn more about how to set up an effective ad campaign while avoiding wasting time and money.



You have probably seen paid ads pop up throughout your time on the internet. They are everywhere these days; Google, Facebook, TikTok. We simply cannot avoid them. Paid ads have helped many businesses gain leads by paying for an increase in visibility. The legal industry is no exception. If your law firm is at a place where they want to start spending money on ads but do not know where to start, this on-demand series is for you. The Legal Marketing Academy trainers have developed a series of videos to help walk you through the setup and maintenance of paid ads on your own.

Videos Included

1. Paid Lead Gen Strategies

2. Paid Multi-Channel Marketing (Part 1: Budgeting & Planning)

3. Paid Multi-Channel Marketing (Part 2: Local Service Ads w/ Chris Casseday)

4. Setting Up LSAs (Walkthrough)

5. PPC – Campaign Structure (Part 1)

6. PPC – Campaign Structure – Bidding (Part 2)

Bonus: Data Driven Client Profiles


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