Site Structure & Fundamentals

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Learn the best way to structure your site so that user experience and other factors are optimized.



Your website is your first impression to anyone searching for a law firm online. Because a lot of people find the law firm by typing their needs into Google, prioritizing site structure fundamentals can be the difference between someone choosing you over a competitor. There is a science to the proper way to set up your website so that the potential new client’s user experience is optimal. Titles, meta descriptions, and headings are only a few of the ways to improve the effectiveness of the website. Follow The Legal Marketing Academy’s video tutorials at your leisure to employ the best practices for site structure.

Videos Included:

1. Building Custom Landing Pages

2. Implementing Site Structure Best Practices

3. Site Structure (Workshop)

4. First Impressions (Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Headings)

5. Titles, Metas, and Headings Workshop

Bonus: Interpreting Analytics and Optimizing Performance


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